Klennex Anti-Bacterial Wipes 15pk

Travel Wipes

SKU: 2382288

When you are out and about Kleenexhas product to suit your every need. KleenexTissues are available in pocket packs for your handbag, soft packs for your carry bag, kids packs for the school bag and car packs designed to fit in your glove box or the side of your car door. The new KleenexTube is perfect for your cup holder and those tight spaces.

Look out for KleenexWet Wipes. These convenient, pre-moistened wipes are great to wipe away any mess from hands and face. Available in a resealable pack, the perfect size for any handbag.

And new KleenexAnti-Bacterial Wet Wipes have a gentle yet effective anti-bacterial cleaning solution that not only gently cleans your hands but kills 99.9% of germs.