Mebo Acne Clear Ointment 30g


SKU: 2080494

Mebo Acne Clear Ointment is a natural ointment to help clear pimples from the skin. This oil free ointment contains scientifically developed formula rich made with botanical extracts to assist the natural immune response of skin and help cleanse skin of unwanted impurities and dirt. Helps keep your skin moist, smooth and clear of acne!

Mebo Acne Clear Ointment offers naturally based ingredients to soothe irritated and cleanse infected skin. This intensive formula also supports quick healing from acne breakouts and aids the natural healing process of skin. May be incorporated into your daily skincare to provide nutrition, lock in moisture to skin and stimulate skin growth and repair to reduce appearance of acne scars. Recommended for skin with pimples, acne and rosacea.

Mebo Acne Clear Ointment benefits and features:

  • Boosts the skin’s natural immunity
  • Assist in the wound recovery of skin
  • Aids to cleanse infected, dry skin
  • Helps protect new skin