Medico Blisters Packs 24mm 100s

Medicine Containers

SKU: 2479214

A multi-dose blister with twenty-eight blisters in four columns of seven. Individual blisters can be torn off the pack in a sealed unit so the medication can be transported easily with the patient as they continue their day to day activities.

  • The blisters are shaped to form a ‘pottle’, therefore there is no need to dispense into another container. The medication is untouched from the time of sealing by the pharmacist until the seal is broken to administer.
  • Four depth sizes are available, to allow for the size or amount of medication to be contained.
  • The header label area is hole punched to allow for storage in the folders.
  • Eight extra hole punches are also strategically placed to create a ‘peel back’ edge for the Cold Seal.