NaturoPharm Womens Birth-Aid 130s

NaturoPharm Homeopathic

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Naturo Pharms Maternity remedies have been specifically developed to provide support during pregnancy, labour and around breastfeeding. These remedies contain combinations of a number of individual classical homoeopathic remedies and have been carefully formulated to ensure maximum efficiency. Birth-Aid supports natural childbirth and normal recovery from the physical stress of birthing. Birth-Aid should be taken during labour and delivery and for two or three days following the birth. It is available in both convenient oral spray and tablet form. Beneficial for: assisting natural childbirth Aids normal recovery from the physical stress of birthing

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Contains: homoeopathic potencies of Arnica 24x 60x, Bellis Perennis 12c, Hamamelis 60x Hypericum 60x.