Neat Feat Slimline Executive Orthotic Small


SKU: 2402823

  • Heel cup to stabilize foot
  • Breathable top cover to keep your feet dry
  • Special Nyloflex™ shell for extra support
  • Longitudinal arch support
Slimline Executive Orthotic Insoles offer comfort and support. The special Nyloflex™ shell lets this sleek insole fit the smallest dress and fashion shoes while the Marctec™ anti-microbial fabric top cover keeps your feet cool, dry and odor-free. UltraSleek™ insoles have a fully moulded arch and heel seat of compressed MEVA™ foam. 
Slimline Executive Orthotic Insoles support your feet and absorb shock with each step. As you walk, your arch begins to flatten, straining the tough band of tissues (plantar fascia) that stretches like a bow string from your heel to the ball of your foot. Over time, the plantar fascia, becomes inflamed, causing heel and arch pain. Eventually, your arch can collapse, which in turn puts extra strain on your ankles, knees and lower back. 
These Insoles help to conserve your foot structure, reduce heel shock while walking or running, protect against metatarsal bruising and relieve foot and lower back pain.
Insert in shoes. Wear for a few hours a day until feet adjust to correction. Then wear full time. Hand wash in warm water and air dry.
Euro Aust. Female US Female UK Female  Aust. Male US Male  UK Male  Slimline Insole Size
36-38 6-8 5-7 4-6  3-5 4-6 3-5 Small
39-42.5 9-11 8-10 7-9 6-8 7-9 6-8 Medium
43-45 12+ 11+ 10+  9-11 10-12  9-11 Large