Nebuliser Pulmo-Aide Pump

Asthma Devices

SKU: 323195

The worlds most prescribed compressor/nebuliser for the treatment of CORD and cystic fibrosis.

Approved by the FDA for the administration of Pulmozyme and Tobramyacine.

Robustly constructed the Pulmo-Aide has a metal frame motor construction and a metal piston/diaphragm compressor with a high performance output.

Designed for multiple daily use.

The complete aerosol therapy system.

Can be used as a hire unit for all respiratory conditions.

Complete with large built-in nebuliser & tubing storage compartment.

  • Comes standard with one nebuliser kit and one adult mask.

  • High quality.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Maximum compressor pressure: 30+p.s.i

  • Compressor free air flow: 9+lpm