Omron Large Cuff Fits 32cm-42cm

Blood Pressure

SKU: 2038366

This cuff is designed to meet the needs of individuals with an arm circumference size of 32cm - 42cm. The Omron Large Cuff is intended for use with Omron digital blood pressure monitors sold with the D-ring style cuff.


Contains: 1 large fan cuff, 1 instruction sheet, 2 air plugs (1 blue air plug for use with BPM model IA2, 1 grey plug for use with BPM models SEM-1 and SEM-2).


How to use: To connect the large cuff to your Omron Automatic or manual digital blood pressure monitor: - Simply remove the existing arm cuff by disconnecting the air plug from the monitor. To disconnect arm cuff, grasp the air plug and pull, do not pull on air tube. - Connect the air plug from the large cuff into the air jack on the monitor.


Do not block the end of the air release valve. This device is necessary to maintain a proper deflation rate. Blocking the air release valve could result in erroneous readings. If you have an automatic inflating unit and you notice it takes more than 25 seconds to inflate the cuff, use the optional AC adapter or replace the batteries. Weak batteries will extend the inflation time and possibly cause arm discomfort.