Size: S, M, L, XLFor keeping out unwanted noise!I need a good night sleep. Is that what you are saying to yourself?Would you like sleeping earplugs that are so small...


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Size: S, M, L, XL

For keeping out unwanted noise!

I need a good night sleep. Is that what you are saying to yourself?

Would you like sleeping earplugs that are so small and well designed that you literally cannot feel them, whilst still attaining maximum sound blockage?

The GoodSleep, without question, is the cutting edge of sleeping earplug designs. It is the premier earplug available worldwide to combat noise related sleeping problems.

A sleeping earplug demands a small profile whilst providing maximum comfort and sound blocking ability.

Traditional silicone/wax sleeping earplugs gather lint and other impurities whilst sleeping. This is definitively unhygienic and uneconomic in the long-term. Foam earplugs employ a one size fits all policy either too small for effectiveness, or too large and incredibly uncomfortable. Our earplugs are produced from thermo-reactive elastomer: a soft, flexible material that matches your body temperature within 4 minutes, conforming to the unique bends, turns, bumps and twists of each individuals ear.

Utilising the latest findings in ergonomic design and harnessing the power of thermo-reactive elastomer, the minimalist size of the GoodSleep leads to maximised comfort, blocking sound whilst you sleep. As with all Otifleks products, the wellbeing of the user - above and beyond all other considerations - tops our list of design priorities.

We quite simply demand that you receive what you need.

And you need a GoodSleep, tonight.

Available in 4 sizes
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