Polident Denture Whitencleans

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SKU: 2204304

Polident Express 3 minute tablets kill 99% of odour causing bacteria and leave dentures feeling fresh. The tablets are made of a powerful anti-bacterial cleansing system that helps to prevent plaque build up and stubborn stains.

Polident Express Tablets can clean dentures effectively in just 3 minutes. For people who prefer to soak their dentures for a longer period of time, these tablets are safe to use overnight.

Using Polident Express Tablets is an easy way to clean dentures! Simply soak dentures with the Polident tablets. Then brush the dentures with the tablet soaking solution. Finally rinse thoroughly with warm water. Always remove dentures when cleaning. Polident Express Tablets are available in a pack of 36.

This product is ideal for denture wearers who want to clean their dentures quickly using a cleanser that removes stains