Pro Physio Muscle Rub Cream 500g

External Pain Relief

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ARNICA - Arnica is extremely effective in the treatment of various bruises and sprains, as well as in the treatment of muscle pain. Arnica has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and can bring relief from the pain of rheumatic joints.
ROSEMARY OIL - Rosemary Oil can provide a much needed lift during a long day with its stimulating aroma and has been found to ease stiff, aching, tired and over worked muscles.
CAPSICUM - Capsicum based topical herbal creams can be used to gain temporary relief from the pain related to arthritis and is also useful as an external treatment in the case of simple backache, and in treating strains and sprains of all kinds.
CALENDULA - Calendula is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula is often used as a topical salve to heal and prevent dry skin.
CHAMOMILE - The main action of Chamomile is that it is best known as a muscle relaxant and antispasmodic. Chamomile is also believed to have anti-inflammatory capabilities.
When rubbed or massaged into the affected area, PROphysio Muscle Rub Cream provides
> Temporary relief from muscle, joint pain and inflammation
> Increased blood-flow and circulation to support natural recovery
> Soothing assistance in managing pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and backache
PROphysio Muscle Rub Cream is a proven option for for relief of painful muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.Use before and after sports, physical labour and exercise. It also helps to reduce and repair minor bumps and bruises.
> Does not contain menthol or methyl salicylate
> Has a natural ?uplifting? Rosemary aroma
> Excellent for use for porfessional and therapeutic soft and deep tissue massage
You can use PROphysio as often as is needed. Rub/massage into sore, tender, stiff, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, bruises and bumps.
PRECAUTION:For topical application only. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken skin, wounds or infections.