SBM 6 Drugs Test Integrated Cup

Drug Testing

SKU: 2502127

The Multi-Drug Test Cup is an immunochromatographic assay for rapid qualitative detection of drugs of abuse and their principle metabolites in urine at specified cutoff concentrations.

It is a one-step assay, detecting simultaneously for the six most common drugs of abuse found in Australasia. Each of the tests is read individually and independently of one another. The process is simple.

  • Detection of multiple drugs of abuse, conveniently integrated into a single test cup
  • Latest wicking technology has improved the speed and readability of the results
  • Improved fastening ensures a secure specimen collection
  • Abbreviation Target Analyte Cut-Off (ng per ml)
  • Amp. Amphetamine (Speed) 300
  • Bzo. Benzodiazepines 200
  • Coc. Cocaine 300
  • Met. Methamphetamine (P) 300
  • Mop. Morphine 300
  • THC Marijuana 50