Scholl In-Bal Insole Lower Back M is a highly innovative product designed to bring relief to those who suffer from lower back pain. The Scholl brand is renowned for its...


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Scholl In-Bal Insole Lower Back M is a highly innovative product designed to bring relief to those who suffer from lower back pain. The Scholl brand is renowned for its foot care technology, and this insole offers all the comfort and support you have come to expect from Scholl.

Ideal for use by athletes or individuals who are on their feet for long periods, Scholl In-Bal Insole Lower Back M provides targeted support for the lower back which, in turn, could reduce the risk of injuries. With its durable design and high-quality materials, Scholl In-Bal Insole Lower Back M is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their comfort levels and protect themselves from pain in the lower back region.

  • Brand: Scholl
  • Type: Insole
  • Size: Lower back M
  • Designed to provide support and cushioning to the lower back region

Benefits of Scholl In-Bal Insole Lower Back M

1. Relief for lower back pain: The Scholl In-Bal Insole is specially designed to offer comfort and support to the lower back region, aiding in pain relief. Its unique design cradles the heel and cushions the midfoot, thus alleviating tension on the back muscles and tendons.

2. Increases stability: Uneven terrain or incorrectly fitting footwear can often lead to instability and excessive strain on the lower back muscles. With the Scholl In-Bal Insole, users enjoy unbeatable stability and firm footing even on unstable surfaces, reducing the risk of injury.

3. Shock-absorption: Shock absorption is crucial to mitigate the impact of walking and other physical activities on the feet and body. Scholl In-Bal Insoles are fitted with an anti-shock core that helps absorb the shock caused by physical activity during movement, greatly preventing injury or strain from sudden impacts.

4. Prevents fatigue and discomfort: Prolonged standing or walking for extended periods is challenging and usually leads to foot pain or fatigue. The Scholl In-Bal Insole offers targeted arch support, which limits excessive tension on feet structures, thereby reducing the likelihood of general fatigue and discomfort felt during these activities.

5. High-quality construction: Made from high-grade materials and state-of-the-art engineering technology ensure that the Scholl In-Bal Insole is resilient enough to withstand prolonged wear and tear, stand up successfully in everyday use, and help you move better, and more comfortably.

Experience unparalleled comfort while maintaining optimal lower back health with the Scholl In-Bal Insole - the perfect insole solution for attaining optimal comfort and support for your unique lifestyle needs.

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