Skinprep Protective Wipes

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SKU: 711098

SKIN-PREP is a liquid film-forming dressing that, upon application to intact skin, forms a protective film to help reduce friction during removal of tapes and films. SKIN-PREP can also be used to prepare skin attachment sites for drainage tubes, external catheters, surrounding ostomy sites and adhesive dressings.

Features & Benefits

Helps tape and film adhesion.

Fast and easy to use, only one coat is required, so less product is used per application.

Removes easily using skin cleanser or soap and water, so unsanitary residue isn't left in or around the wound area.

Applies easily, even on awkward areas such as elbows, knees, and heels. Moves naturally with patients' skin and won't crack or peel.

Allows skin to "breathe" so tapes and films adhere better.

May increase intervals between dressing changes.

Pediatrician tested