Skybright Collidial Silver Cream 50g

Colloidal Silver

SKU: 2146622

Skybright has developed a 100% natural healing and nourishing cream with Colloidal Silver that is free of DMDM, Parabens and Sulphates. Research has shown that these potentially harmful ingredients can irritate the skin and may have carcinogenic effects.

Colloidal silver is non toxic and suitable for all the family including children and pregnant women.   It is a well absorbed, nourishing cream suitable for all skin types. Especially effective for dry, chaffed or irritated skin. The manuka honey used has a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 16+.

Colloidal Silver supports the body’s immune system and defences for natural healing. The anti-microbial benefits of manuka honey and tea tree oil support the body’s natural response while the blend of emollient and nourishing natural vegetable oils are absorbed quickly, leaving skin feeling hydrated and revitalized.