SurgiPack Cast Keep Dry Full Leg 2

Cast Waterproofing

SKU: 942324

Surgipack Keep Dry Full Leg Surgipack Keep Dry Waterproof Arm Protector, Full Leg. Reusable, latex free, adjustable fit. Directions / Dosage The Keep Dry Waterproof Leg Protector has been manufactured using a patented OSFA (One Size Fits All) design. Using the detailed instructions inside the pack, cut to the required size and insert the injured limb. To guarantee watertight coverage, ensure the Waterproof Leg Protector is pulled above the injured area. Indications The Keep Dry Waterproof Leg Protector is a convenient way of protecting casts and bandages against water exposure whilst showering or taking part in light water activity. Warnings Plastic is slippery when wet. Be careful around wet surfaces. Plastic can cause suffocation. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.