USL UNIGRIP Tubular D 1m

Tubular Bandages

SKU: 2313472

Comfortable, Effective Support Bandage for Sprains, Strains and Weak Joints. Always apply Uni-Grip as a double layer. If in any doubt about an injury, please seek medical advice. Material Content: 75% Cotton 25% Elastodiene. Available in 10 and 1 metre rolls ANKLE, LOWER LEG, ELBOW, KNEE and THIGH Cut Uni-Grip to twice length required for limb. Pull Uni-Grip onto limb like a stocking. Double Uni-Grip back over limb. WRIST and LOWER ARM. Cut Uni-Grip to twice length required for limb. Double Uni-Grip and make two small cuts 3 cm from fold for thumb. Pull Uni-Grip over arm and push thumb through the first hole. Double Uni-Grip back, draw second hole over thumb. Pull top layer about 3 cm further up the arm than the bottom layer. SIZE GUIDE B (6.25 cms unstretched) To fit join / limb circumference 12.5-14.5 cm Small wrist / Small elbow C (6.75 cms) 15.0-24.0 cm Medium wrist / Medium elbow / Small ankle D (7.50 cms) 25.0-35.0 cm Large wrist / Large elbow / Medium ankle / Small knee E (8.75 cms) 36.0-44.5 cm Large ankle / Medium knee / Small thigh F (10.00 cms) 45.0-50.0 cm Large knee / Medium thigh G (12.00 cms) 51.0-60.0 cm Large thigh