Vitapointe Hair Conditioner 30g

Hair Conditioners

SKU: 376019

Vitapointe between wash conditioner has been specially
formulated to treat hair and replace the natural oils that dry hair
needs. Now Vitapointe contains a UVA and UVB light screen for
extra protection ( in the same way that sunscreens protect your

Ultraviolet rays can leave the hair dry , brittle , colour faded and
lifeless. Vitapointe with UV light screens , filters out these
damaging rays and helps protect the hair from colour fading. It
acts like an invisible shield and is the unique way to protect all
hair types from the damage and moisture loss caused by
excessive exposure to the sun.

Used regularly between shampoos , Vitapointe revitalizes and
gives a shining gloss making hair more manageable and easy to
style. Also ideal after colouring , perming and for hair affected
by electrical styling aids