Weleda Alum Chrom Drops 30ml


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Weleda Hayfever & Sinusitis Drops (Alumen Chromicum Comp) are indicated for hayfever and painful sinusitus. Relieves the symptoms of hay fever, such as runny, itchy nose. Gives relief in acute and chronic cases of sinusitis where there is blockage of the sinuses or thick nasal discharge, often accompanied by headache.

Weleda Hayfever & Sinusitis Drops is a homoeopathic complex, containing: 

Alumen Chromicum (Potash alum) is indicated for discharges of the mucous membranes. 
Gelsemium helps to relieve facial pain and sinus headache. 
Kali bich & Sabadilla act on mucous membranes, particularly where there is a thick discharge.