Weleda Chelidonium Drops 100ml


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Weleda Chelidonium Comp cleanses and removes Toxins from Liver and Digestive System .

Weleda Chelidonium Comp is a digestive system and liver cleanser (detoxifier). 

It stimulates liver, bile, pancreas and bowel activity, and increases toxic waste elimination, thereby improving blood purification. 

Chelidonium (type of poppy) traditional blood cleanser & tonic for liver conditions, and has a strong action of the bile 

Onopordon cleanses the liver 

Taraxacum (Dandelion) the bitter constituents stimulate the kidney and liver metabolism, as well as bile secretion, greatly improving digestion. The liver is therefore better able to cleanse the blood. 

Urtica (Nettle) spring tonic, detoxifier, improves metabolism 

Digestodoron stimulates and balances the rhythm of the digestive tract and increases waste elimination.