Cutiplast Sterile Dressing 5 cm x 7.2 cm (100)

Plasters & Dressings

SKU: 798029

Cutiplast* Steril is a dressing for primary wound management. The wound pad is low-adherent so dressing changes do not disturb or interfere with the wound healing process.


- Low adherent

- Highly absorbent pad

- Air and water vapour permeable


- Well tolerated by the skin

- Stretchable

Features and Benefits

- Cutiplast Steril is made of a non-woven polyester fabric with a porous acrylic adhesive coating

- Non-woven wound pad with a wound contact layer which minimises adherence to the wound

- Adheres reliably to contoured parts of the body

- Highly absorbent

- Cutiplast Steril is air and moisture vapour permeable