Elastoplast Blister Plaster XL 5s

Plasters & Dressings

SKU: 2523574

Immediate pressure and pain relief for big blisters

Highly effective blister treatment for heels, soles or ball of the foot.

  • Extra large size for big blisters anywhere on the foot
  • Immediate pressure pain relief for big blisters
  • Protects from dirt and bacteria
  • 48h extra strong adhesion
  • Faster healing with Hydrocolloid Technology
Now there’s a blister plaster large enough to cope with even bigger blisters, in a new shape that’s highly effective for the heel, side and soles of the foot. This not only protects the affected area from external influences, dirt and bacteria but – based on the principle of moist wound healing - also enhances faster healing of the blister. Superabsorbers soak up blister fluid, and allow a protective layer of gel to form over the wound - perfect for getting rid of your large blister as quickly as possible.

Blister Plaster XL are water resistant and have superior adhesion technology so will stay firmly in position for up to 48 hours. Plus, the easy-to-use application system makes applying one of these small blister plasters on a fast and wrinkle-free process.