Elastoplast Fabric Waterproof XL 10pk

Plasters & Dressings

SKU: 2532115

Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof Plasters provide flexible and waterproof wound protection for everyday cuts, scrapes and grazes.

Featuring Elastoplast’s Hi-DRY TEX technology, these waterproof plasters actually work. Hi-DRY TEX ensures protection and care, cushioning your wound even under heavy-duty situations such as outdoor activities, housework, gardening or DIY projects.

The flexible fabric is water resistant, dries quickly and is extra absorbent. It also has super strong adhesion which creates a reliable seal without leaving any residue. The waterproof plasters are suitable for minor wounds and provide lasting protection.

Available in a variety of different sized strips for any small cut, graze or scrape. The dressing length can also be cut to the right length, helping you choose the right size every time.