Emla Patches 5% 20pk

External Pain Relief

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Emlais a local skin anaesthetic that is applied to the skin prior to procedures such as needles, to help prevent pain. By applying emlaat home prior to your procedure, you can significantly reduce the pain and distress for you and your child, is recommended for many procedures, and is suitable for use by adults and children over six months.

In days gone by, looking good sometimes involved painful procedures. But thanks toemla, looking good can be less painful.emlais an effective skin anaesthetic that can be used to lessen the pain of many minor cosmetic procedures.1Simply applyemla1 hour before the procedure foremlato work.1
So if you are contemplating a minor cosmetic procedure such as laser hair removal, dermabrasion or skin restoration ask your healthcare professional ifemlais suitable - used by over 200 million people worldwide as a skin anaesthetic.