Enerlyte Rehydrate Salts 10pk


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Enerlyte Sachets: To treat and prevent Dehydration due to Diarrhoea or vomiting and Travellers Gastroenteritits in Adults and Children. Enerlyte Sachets : Fill plastic measure (enclosed) to the line (200ml) with fresh, cold, drinking water. For infantse freshly boiled and cooled water. Empty contents of one Enerlyte sachet into water in measure. Stir well before drinking. Under 5 years old - please refer to box for weight dosages. Children 5-10 years. 1 sachet after each loose bowel motion, or 6-12 sachets per 24 hours. Adults and Children over 10 years. 1-2 sachets after each loose bowel motion, or 8-16 sachets per 24 hours. Warnings: Nodia tablets - if you notice blood in your stool or have a fever, consult your doctor before taking Nodia. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation except on doctors advice. Enerlyte Sachets - Use water only to mix Enerlyte. Never dilute with lemonade, soft drinks, cordials or any fluid other than water. Do not boil the solution once it is made up. Reconstituted solution may be stored in the refridgerator for up to 24 hours. Otherwise, unused solution should be discarded within one hour. For complete information, refer to package insert.