J&J Pure Cotton Bud Pure White 150s

Bathroom Cotton Products

SKU: 2114852

Make sure you have a stock of these quality Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds for any gentle cleaning work for your baby. Brought to you by the leaders in baby care products, Johnson & Johnson, you can be assured that these ear buds have been clinically tested for safe use and are hygienic. Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the baby's skin, these ear buds have been made from 100% pure cotton with a fine texture that are suitable for regular use. Available in a round container containing 150 buds with swabs on either side, they are handy and convenient to use and ill definitely last a long time.

Apart from wiping, drying and cleaning baby's ears, these buds can easily reach to clean and dry the delicate areas like the spaces between fingers, toes and navel. Alternatively, use these handy ear buds to apply lotions to target small blemishes on the skin. Care should be taken while using these buds when cleaning the insides of ears. They are never to be used for cleaning nostrils. Johnson & Johnson was started in 1886 by three brothers who initially started with surgical dressings. The company has expanded and are renowned for their product lines, including medical devices, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.