Opsite Flexigrid Film Dressing 10x12cm 10pk

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SKU: 741108

OpSite*Flexigrid* is a transparent, adhesive film, with a unique wound measurement grid. The film is moisture vapour permeable, conformable and extensible. It is clinically proven to provide moist wound healing for superficial wounds; it is also ideal for use as a secondary dressing and to help preventpressure sores.


- Faster, safer, less painful wound healing

- Superior film with polyacrylate adhesive

- Waterproof film

- Simple, effective application technique

- Adaptable to awkward areas

- Unique wound measurement grid


Faster, safer, less painful wound healing

- OpSiteFlexigridhas set the standard in moist wound healing by retaining wound contact with the natural wound exudate which contains vital nutrients for growing cells, and white blood cells to prevent infection.OpSiteFlexigridprovides an environment for safer and less painful wound healing. The high moisture vapour permeability allows excess exudate to evaporate, preventing skin maceration.

Superior film with acrylic adhesive

- TheOpSiteFlexigridfilm is highly extensible and conformable, which combined with its high moisture vapour permeability, means the dressing can be left in place for up to 14 days. This minimises interference at the wound site and reduces the amount of nursing time required.


- OpSiteFlexigridis impermeable to water and body fluids, protecting the skin underneath and allowing the patient to bathe without changing dressings. It also aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination.

Simple, effective application technique

- OpSiteFlexigridprovides a simple and effective application system. The flexible carrier enables single handed application allowing the dressing to conform to the contours of the body. Its transparency enables accurate positioning over the wound site.

Adaptable to Awkward Areas

- OpSiteFlexigridhas been designed to be adaptable for use on all areas of the body. It can be easily cut into strips or shapes for application to awkward areas such as heels, elbows and knees.

Unique Wound Management Grid

- OpSiteFlexigridincorporates a unique wound measurement device which allows simple but accurate assessments of the healing process to be made. After tracing the edges of the wound, theOpSiteFlexigridcarrier can be removed and stored in the patient's notes.