Thompsons Echinacea 4000 One a Day 60s


SKU: 2432668

Thompsons One A Day Echinacea 4000 is a scientifically validated formula specially designed to boost the body’s immune system. Featuring a one a day therapeutic dose, it contains the active ingredient from Echinacea. In fact, a single capsule contains 4000mg of Echinacea from Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea combined to deliver the optimum benefit of both variants. Different plant parts are used in the formula to produce higher concentration and potency of the active ingredients.

According to more than 300 scientific studies, Echinacea assists in healthy immune functions. The immune supporting herb stimulates white blood cell activity, and raises interferon production in the body. Interferon plays an important role in fighting off infections caused by viruses.

Thompsons One A Day Echinacea 4000 benefits:

  • Helps maintain general wellness
  • Assists to alleviate colds through reduced severity of cold symptoms
  • Delivers symptomatic relief from upper respiratory tract infections
  • Aids to maintain a normal healthy immune system

Thompsons One A Day Echinacea 4000 is recommended for:

  • Those who are suffering from reduced immunity or resistance to colds
  • Those who are suffering from colds symptoms
  • Those who are looking for supplements to provide relief from infections of upper respiratory tract