Weleda Eucaly/Plantago Chest Rub 36ml


SKU: 743186

Weleda Eucalyptus / Plantago Comp Chest Rub is a warming, soothing herbal cream containing extracts of Plantago (Plantain) and Hypericum (St. John’s Wort), herbs that are traditionally used to relieve chest congestion. Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Camphor are used here as mild antiseptics and stimulants for colds and ‘flu, and to relax the constricted chest.

Relieves chest congestion in wet, chesty coughs and bronchial coughs.

Eucalyptus/Plantago Comp Chest Rub provides natural effective relief for any chest congestion. It differs from other products on the market in that:

  • It contains pure essential oils and camphor, whereas many cheaper synthetic equivalents are by-products of the petrochemical industry.
  • It contains natural beeswax and high quality vegetable oils as a base, instead of the more commonly used paraffin based derivatives.

Weleda believes that our skin absorbs & metabolises substances placed on it in a similar way to food taken in through the digestive system, hence we choose to apply the same standards to substances we place on our skin as to those we eat as food.